Fraunhofer Alliance autoMOBILproduktion

Interdisciplinary - Integrative - Cooperative

Founded in 2010, the company possesses excellent expertise in a number of business areas: powertrain, body, interior, vehicle assembly, planning, control and logistics. With the transformation of mobility and the associated challenges to competitive automobile production, the alliance‘s strategic fields of action have also been further developed and are focused on the following current research and development projects:

Intelligent automotive production 

Electrification of the automotive powertrain 

Raw materials, environmental services and sustainability

Global value-added chains 

Balance area of automotive production 

Production challenges through autonomous driving, shared services 


What we do?

The Fraunhofer autoMOBILproduktion Alliance combines the expertise of 16 Fraunhofer Institutes to address the mobility priorities of the future with integrated system solutions.


Where we are?

The Fraunhofer autoMOBILproduktion alliance includes 16 Fraunhofer institutes and facilities. You can find an overview of our locations here.