As a partner of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, equipment suppliers and service providers, the Fraunhofer autoMOBILE Production Alliance has been supporting research and development for the optimization of production processes since 2010 and pools the expertise of 20 Fraunhofer institutes. 

Reorganized in 2021 and expanded to include current research fields in plant and mechanical engineering, we also stand as a one-stop store for complex inquiries for the production of the future. In this way, we are helping to secure Germany's technological leadership, especially in the automotive sector, through a close alliance between industry and research, while at the same time promoting plant and mechanical engineering, which is strong in exports and sales, especially in the development of innovative production machines and manufacturing systems.

To this end, we tap into the diversity of Fraunhofer's expertise and solutions, transfer application-oriented science with a practical focus, offer neutral, knowledge-driven support and consulting, provide technical and strategic input on future topics, markets, technologies and trends, analyze feasibility and risks, shape transformation processes and qualify for change in the company. 


Conference, 12. bis 14. März 2024

8. Internationales Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium



Innovative technologies

Ultralight construction, additive manufacturing, etc.

Future Business

Radical Business Development and Resilient Production

Work 4.0

The human being as the guarantor for success and beneficiary of future production!

Digitalization in production

Integration in existing technology

Batteries, fuel cells, energy systems

Production for the transport and energy transition

Die Fraunhofer-Allianz autoMOBILproduktion

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