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The Future of Sheet Metal Processing

Fraunhofer IWU has showcased its production system “Forming 4.0”. Featuring a fully operational miniature press and its digital twin, the institute will show how digitization can be successfully and holistically implemented in sheet metal forming.


Digitization in Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

Fraunhofer researchers are using RFID technology to introduce more transparency in motor vehicle manufacturers’ supply chains and manufacturing operations. This reduces time and labor, thus boosting cost effectiveness.


Joining CFRP and Aluminum Without Contact Corrosion

Fraunhofer IFAM has co-developed a new series-capable joining technology for the combination of cast aluminum and CFRP. Through a temperature-resistant protective layer on the CFRP component, the electrochemical corrosion processes in the composite material can be prevented.


Robot-assisted Sensor System for Quality Assurance of Press-hardened Components

Experts from Fraunhofer IZFP have presented a robot-assisted sensor system providing quality monitoring as integral element of production processes.


Micro Fishbones to Stop Car Fuel Thirst

Fraunhofer IWS engineers use ultra-short laser pulses to generate very fine and friction-reducing fishbone patterns in engines, aiming to reduce the fuel consumption of cars by more than a tenth.  


Reliably Simulating Polyurethane Foams

Car seats, mattresses and insulation materials are often made of polyurethane foams. Fraunhofer ITWM researchers are now able to simulate the foaming behavior and reliably characterize the material.


Cooperation for Trustworthy Data Exchange between Smart Factories

Fraunhofer IOSB are making communication between smart factories simpler and more secure. The Smart Factory Web forms an online marketplace for production capacities


Multi-material Roof Bow

In cooperation with partners from industry and research, Fraunhofer LBF co-developed a novel roof-bow consisting of a fiber-reinforced plastic brace and metallic joining partners, which connect the hybrid roof bow with the chassis.


A sensor system learns to "hear"

Researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing IZFP have developed a sensor system that can detect failures or imperfections in systems and machines quickly and reliably by means of an acoustic noise assessment similar to human hearing.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops


Symposium, 29.-31.01.2019, Dresden, ICC

Internat. Symposium »Additive Manufacturing«

Additive manufacturing is promising a powerful boost in modern production engineering leaving behind some of the limitations of conventional product fabrication technologies.

The 3rd International Symposium "Additive Manufacturing" (ISAM) brings together the world leading experts in additive manufacturing and newcomers interested in this fascinating and vibrant field.

Business Units


Planning, Control, Logistics

... strategy, technologies, processes, production systems, logistics, SCM, information systems and much more.


Powertrain and Running Gear

...from battery/tank to wheels, including pollutant emission. 


Car Body

...from coil to finish, including suppliers. 



...inner lining, seats, cockpit... 


Vehicle Assembly

...from concept to implementation. 


Electric Mobility

...strategy and concepts. 

The Fraunhofer Automobile Production Alliance pools the expertise of 15 institutes, who collectively provide the automotive industry with a competent single-source partner for its needs in research and development. The complementary effect achieved by combining the individual institutes' key areas of research makes it possible to generate rapid, integrated and sustainable innovations along the entire process chain of vehicle manufacturing – from the planning stage right through to the finished vehicle.