Mobility of the future - has to be produced

Alliance oriented towards lead market

The Fraunhofer Automobile Production Alliance becomes a lead market-oriented alliance for machinery and plant engineering.

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As a partner of automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, outfitters and service providers, the Fraunhofer Automobile Production Alliance has been supporting research and development activities to optimize production processes since 2010.

Today, the automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering, and the entire industry in Germany and Europe are faced with their greatest challenge. Solutions for CO2 neutral and digital technologies must be developed and implemented at full speed along with resilient value-added structures, in times of structural change and a global pandemic.

We are facing up to the new challenges: the alliance is contributing its technological expertise and interdisciplinary experience, establishing new customer-oriented services and positioning itself as the leading alliance for the lead market of machinery and plant engineering. We continue to act as a committed mediator between science, business, politics and society, thus ensuring leadership in technologies and innovations through excellence in transfer.




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