Intelligent self-optimizing plants

Our specific expertise

  • Plant adaptation and integration into existing systems
  • Accessibility of plant data for control, maintenance and optimization
  • Software Defined Manufacturing (plant adaptation through IuK-competencies)
  • Set-up during operation with minimal losses

From our portfolio


3MA sensors

for the non-destructive testing of mechanical-technological properties in forming sheets

Rapid in-line quality control

the hardening zone position of partially hardened components, using real-time signal evaluation in the sensor edge



Process data based tool change

Automated milling tool removal from machine tools

Wear evaluation 

Markerless component identification

Reliable, cross-production identification of metallic components based on their material fingerprint



Innovative service concepts in heat treatment through smart maintenance

Optical data transmission

Die kontaktlose Verbindungstechnologie ist nahezu verschleiß- und interferenzfrei und eignet sich für den Einsatz in Ex-Schutzbereichen.


Ion sensitive field effect transistors (ISFET) for the detection of ions, ion conductivity and temperature in aqueous solutions

Li-Fi GigaDock®

transmits data rates of up to 12.5 Gbit/s without contact and in 360 degree rotation and is therefore well suited for use as a rotary transmitter

MEMS scanner

The vision of safe autonomous driving is thus within reach.



The surface and depth structure of the material can be done in micrometer resolution.

Advantage: the analysis of the material is done with light instead of sound.


RFID sensor tags

for integration on rotating shafts or spindles, such as on machine tools