People in production

Our specific expertise

  • Development-promoting work design and organization for lifelong learning
  • Ergonomic, safe and intuitive collaboration between people and technology
  • Individualized digitized planning of human-centered work systems

From our portfolio


Cobot "UR5"

More cost-effective packaging for two million printed circuit boards per year


AI for better employee competency management 

Flexible personal deployment

Managing economic crises and structural change

Secure employment

Increase personnel productivity



Human-machine interaction to improve the reliability of process steps

AI assistance system

Markerless single-shot completeness check when assembling assembly kits

Tactile sensors

Optical and acoustic modules and systems for the unerring detection of persons, objects as well as the detection of textures and force distributions on surfaces in the distance range from a few meters up to contact

Micromirror Arrays

for a computer animated holography that merges real and virtual world

Microscanning mirror

enable robots to perceive objects in the environment, similar to human vision

Three-dimensional vision

for communication with machines. 

The method enables gesture control of machines, from robots to smart household appliances.

Automated returns management

Quality assurance for new and used parts using artificial intelligence