Resilient and agile process chains

Our specific expertise

  • Regional value chains and CO2-neutral production cycles
  • Development methods and processes for complex, networked solutions
  • Hybrid processes for novel materials and systems
  • Robust and traceable supply chains

From our portfolio

Smart data analytics

Higher delivery capability, lower storage costs and shortened delivery times

Starter KIt for production

Workshops in the use case incl. AI employee qualification

Qualitative maturity assessment of the company with regard to AI



Management for sustainable and resilient organizations

Corporate social responsibility in industry



Process data-based tool change

Automated milling tool removal from machine tools

Wear evaluation 

RFID in the switch cabinet

Thematic monitoring of all locations in the control cabinet

RFID for digital status tracking

for products & picking systems as well as for traceability and product identification



Increasing productivity through spatter prevention in near-series WPS processes


Automated quality assurance

Returns management with artificial intelligence