Flexible, versatile factories

Our specific expertise

  • Cooperation design between OEM and equipment suppliers, supplier integration for development time reduction and SOP acceleration
  • Lean brownfield planning and IT-supported adaptation of factory environment and processes
  • Individualization of products with reasonable effort

From our portfolio


Information carrier of the digital factory

Possibility of cross-system and cross-organizational data exchange

Digital twin

Analysis and optimization of production systems

Predictive maintenance

Value stream and assembly planningg

High productivity benefits through customized solutions for economical assembly structures and lean material provisioning


Li-Fi the optical data transmission technology is tap-proof and also real-time capable in the microsecond range at data rates of up to 1 Gbit/s. 

AI assistance system

Markerless single-shot completeness check when assembling assembly kits

Close range sensor technology

Spatially continuous and precise detection of the environment using a multimodal sensor concept.

Flexmatik 4.1

Multi-axis kinematics for high-precision web processes

Flexible flow of goods

Automated solutions for flexible goods flows