Main focus

All subsectors of plant, mechanical and vehicle engineering face common challenges and must find answers to serious changes in customer behavior and customer requirements, in the shift to a CO2-neutral circular economy and sustainable energy supply in the fight against the climate crisis and resource scarcity, to demographic developments, and to the opportunities and risks of automation and digitization as well as global value chains. 

We have aligned our focus areas to these challenges and are bundling the specific know-how of the institutes for comprehensive systems expertise.



Human in production

Ergonomic, safe and intuitive collaboration between people and technology.

Intelligent self-optimizing plants

Control, maintenance and optimization made easy.


Flexible, adaptable factories

Lean technologies for individualization in production.

Resilient and agile process chains

Solutions for complex, networked processes, novel materials and systems.


Transformation of value creation

New production and value creation concepts and flexibilisation of manufacturing systems.