Operation area

The automotive industry, markets and customers, politics and society are exposed to many influences that will shape the mobility of tomorrow: In addition to changes in customer behavior arising due to increasing global urbanization, the fight against climate change and the associated development of a sustainable energy supply, increasing automation and digitization must also be mentioned regarding production technology.

Not only does the alliance conduct research on current topics in automobile production, but also takes into account their interaction with trends and their impact on humans. It also identifies current and future markets and is already working on existing and foreseeable innovations of the powertrain that will lead to major technical changes in future mobility.

This results in the alliance's current fields of action:

  • Intelligent automotive production
  • Electrification of the automotive powertrain
  • Raw materials, recycling management and sustainability
  • Global value-added chains
  • Balance area of automotive production
  • Production challenges through autonomous driving, shared services 

Intelligent automobile production




Raw materials and environmental services


Value chains


Balance area at automobile production


Drive autonomic – Shared services