Raw materials and environmental services

The ability to continuously improve the quality of offered products and services and to adapt them to changing customer wishes and market requirements is a component determining the success of almost every company. The basis lies in increasingly divergent data, which is generated during the manufacturing process, but also during the application of products and services. The focus of this cycle is on the development of solutions that generate data at any time and feed this data back into the engineering and production process. This makes it increasingly possible to offer individualized products and customized services and to continuously improve existing solutions.

The essential requirements of this concept are to keep materials and technical components constantly in technical cycles and to mobilize production. This involves consciously transferring cradle to cradle approaches into production technology. This means, for example, designing products in such a way that they are adapted to biological and technical cycles and can, for example, be dismantled, repaired or recycled. However, it is also about collecting emissions arising during production and using and reusing them for new products/processes.