Intelligent automobile production

Pioneering innovations for the internal process chain are at the center of this field of action. These solutions are intended to interact with each other to enable automobile production with virtually no loss of resources. Resilience, efficiency and timing are decisive influencing factors in this area.

The ability of a manufacturing system to absorb the influence of external disturbances (resilience) and to maintain production at constant quality is increasingly becoming a decisive success criterion for most companies. On the one hand, it is about anticipating future developments and being prepared for them with various scenarios. On the other hand, it is necessary to create robust, agile, self-learning processes that react flexibly to changing production influences, to adapt production to these influences,  thus permitting the highest possible availability of all production components. This way, production losses or the number of defective parts converge towards zero.

In addition to the possibilities of using data, challenges must also be examined with regard to the efficient use of classic material resources. Holistic considerations, which bring these two areas together, combined with new analysis and/or optimization methods, should make it possible to clearly intensify the resource use and to achieve even fewer emissions and/or loss of time.

The right component / information at the right time, for the right task, the right employee at the right place - these are the contents of the area timing. This requires solutions that enable a digital infrastructure with the integration of all systems, technologies and materials. In addition, special methods and digital images are required that combine this data into production-specific parameters, thus providing the employees/systems involved in production with targeted information relevant for the production environment.